Codename GP "12" Preliminary Features Series – 4 of 4

November 22, 2011

Codename GP “12” Preliminary Features – Part 4 

This is article is part 4 of 4 from the series Codename GP “12” Preliminary Features. Some images and content reproduced with express permission from Microsoft Business Solutions, a division of Microsoft Corporation.

DISCLAIMER: These features are subject to change.

In part 3 of the series, we discussed the different enhancements geared towards building up the Microsoft Dynamics GP product depth: enhancements to the GL year-end process, ability to generate Fixed Assets historical reports, and tolerance handling in the purchasing receipt process, are just among the few that stand out.

Of course, the Innovation pillar is mostly dominated by the release of the Web Client, but I will have to add some of the other features that got cataloged in the Product Depth pillar as true product innovations, even though the technologies supporting these innovations has been around for quite sometime.

Product Depth? More like Innovation

If the dynamic conversion of all Dexterity based forms is not an innovation, then I don’t know what else qualifies. Take a look at my previous articles on the subject:

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For the complete series on the Web Client, please take a look at my series:

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To learn more about the Multitenant Services capabilities coming to GP “12”, please take a look at my article:

Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” Multitenant Service Architecture

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Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Multi-tenant Services Architecture

June 20, 2011

Finally, my new post on Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” Multi-tenant Services Architecture has been released on the Community site under my In My Humble Opinion column. After much debating with my buddy Aaron Donat (thanks Aaron for your patience!) on the previous article I released under the same title, it was deemed that that article should have been changed to reflect the Named System Databases architecture change that the Development team in Fargo was working on.

This new article highlights the changes that the Microsoft Dynamics GP web client, web services, eConnect, and Integration Manager will undergo to support various customer deployments under one single application instance. Now, this is true optimization! Hosting partners rejoice!

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