Add-In Initialization Error when launching Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Lately, many users have reported getting the error depicted below after launching Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 with Service Pack 5 or Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 with Service Pack 1:

Add-In Initialization Error

The error references the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.OnlineServices.dll assembly file as the root cause of the problem. This assembly was shipped with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 SP5 and is a part of the Dynamics Online Services application.

The error typically indicates that the add-in assembly is loaded, however, it most likely indicates that the Dexterity portion of the application, dictionary DO6499.dic, isn’t loaded in the path found in the DYNAMICS.SET file — which should have also generated a dictionary load error prior to receiving the above message — or isn’t loaded at all.

To fix this error:

1. Run a repair or update on the Microsoft Dynamics GP client under the Windows Control Panel. This will reinstall the Dynamics Online Services application dictionary and the assembly.

NOTE: You will not see this application in a list of selections as it appears to be a “default” application and it will reinstall itself.

However if you not interested in repairing the application and rather completely get rid of the Dynamics Online Services feature, then follow these steps:

1. Under the Microsoft Dynamics\GP folder, locate and delete the DO6499.dic dictionary file.

2. Remove all references of this product from the application launch file, DYNAMICS.SET.

Dynamics Online Services
:C:Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics/GP/DO6499.DIC
:C:Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics/GP/Data/DO6499F.DIC
:C:Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics/GP/Data/DO6499R.DIC

NOTE: Don’t forget to decrease the number of products by 1 in the DYNAMICS.SET file. Usually, this is the first entry in the launch file.

3. Locate the AddIns folder and delete the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.OnlineServices.dll assembly file
4. Also remove the Application.DynamicsOnlineServices.dll from the GP installation folder

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


One Response to Add-In Initialization Error when launching Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

  1. >I Just fixed that specific problem last week, there's a KB in the works for it!!!

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