IM – Integration Manager Service Packs

Have you ever wonder how many service packs have been issued for each version of Integration Manager 10? Have you asked the question more than 100 times without a straight up answer? Suffer no more, the following is a list of service packs and hotfixes issued so far for Integration Manager 10.0

To check your version and build number, launch Integration Manager and click Help and then click About Integration Manager

Integration Manager version 10.0

RTM Version                     10.00.0836
Service Pack 1                  10.00.0932
Service Pack 2                  10.00.1072
Service Pack 2 Hotfix           10.00.1134
Service Pack 3                  10.00.1221
Service Pack 3 March Hotfix     10.00.1305
Service Pack 4                  10.00.1378
Service Pack 4 September Hotfix 10.00.1384

Remember that Integration Manager service packs do not rely on Microsoft Dynamics GP service pack level and can be installed at your discretion.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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